Enhance the pool work with the use of electric pool motors

A pool motor is a type of motor that operates the pump of the pool by sucking water in through suction ports and sending it via the filter and pushing the water out through the return ports. On an average, a pool motor should serve a minimum of eight years, but the warranties for repair are generally for 90 days and in the case of new motors it comes with guarantees of one to three years. Recently, there are electric pools motors introduced in the market which is much more efficient in sucking the water and are very fast in this work.  

To sustain the life of a pool motor, one should vacuum out dust and lint on a regular interval. When one changes the motor, one should get a new motor that has the same motor speed, horsepower, voltage, and frame type as the old motor hence, to ensure that  the new one  work properly. Sometimes a pool owner might expect and think that more power is better… and end up with a motor that’s too powerful which further damages the pipes, and end up paying high electric bills.

Screen_Shot_2016-04-26_at_6.18.57_PM__44827.1461709524.350.350What kind of pump one gets completely depends on the size of the pool; pools that are above-the-ground commonly  uses low-head pumps; pools that hold  10,000-20,000 gallons of water has to use medium-head pumps; and pools larger than this  uses  high-heat pumps. If the pump gives out an awful screeching noise, it’s a sign that the bearings in the motor require a replacement or the whole motor has to be changed. If the motor makes grinding noises, it can be that the pump isn’t getting required water. If the motor hums but fails to start, one should check with the impeller which might have got clogged up with dirt and dust of the pool. If the motor hums but the impeller turns freely, one requires checking the power to ensure that the motor is receiving the required electricity (with newer motors, 110 V electricity is generally not enough).

If one finds that the motor is cycling and operating for a while, then turning off automatically, it can be because of overheating. Ensure of using the right electrical supply connection with the right wire size for the correct amount of voltage supply. If one has to change the motor and don’t know much about electricity, it’s better to consult with a professional who are expert in taking care of it.


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