Common Problems Associated with Pool Water Pumps

Pool and hot tub owners must preserve a system of care to be able to keep their pool motors and pumps in perfect working condition. When a pump or motor fails, the safest option would be to hire a certified pool adviser to analyze your pool gear and troubleshoot it with the hope of determining what the issues are and urge a possible alternative. Most pump and motor difficulties fall into common groups. This post will discuss the most common issues a pool owner may run into.

Almost every kind of gear that includes moving parts needs regular care. Failure to properly maintain the gear will generally lead to inferior gear operation. In extraordinary instance of negligence, the gear may fail completely. Here is a short list of common types of pool gear disregard: failure to properly lubricate the moving parts, over tightening of fittings and valve stems, badly sealed hose connections, piping settings that constrict water flow, impeller damage from debris in the water supply, defective electric wiring, and wrongly calibrated voltage supply. Those are just a couple of the more common issues that impact pool gear.

Screen_Shot_2016-04-26_at_5.02.47_PM__72919.1461708557.350.350If your pool pump motor does not start and you had like to troubleshoot it yourself, there are two obvious things to check. First, is there electrical power to your own pump? You may have to assess the electric supply line and see if the power switch is turned in the off position. Second, is the electric breaker turned off? You should have a look at your house’s electric panel and see if the circuit breakers are blown or in the off position. While it may look apparent, most individuals don’t check to see if electrical power will be sent to the pump. One other noticeable thing to check will be to see if the pump timer is set to function at a time besides the time you are attempting to analyze the pump. If the timer is set to run at 3am and you are attempting to analyze the pump at 1pm, the pump will not run. You’ll need to reset the timer to zero or avoid the timer completely if you want to examine your electric pump.

If your pump motor abruptly begins to make additional sound when it is running, you will find several chances. First, the motor bearings could be beginning to wear to the extent that seizure may happen shortly – check the bearings! The centrifugal switch spring may have neglected in which case it’s going to have to be replaced by a qualified pool service business. Another chance is the motor’s starter is starting to fail. Excessive pump motor sound also can happen as a result of corrode, insufficient lubrication, or excessive wear on the motor itself.

The above mentioned troubleshooting hints may help you save a significant amount of money if you’ve got the skill to execute the needed repairs. Nevertheless, it is always advisable to seek an expert opinion from a licensed, accredited pool and hot tub operator. If you hire an expert pool repairman to diagnose your or replacement pool motors difficulties, he might really help you save money in the long run; occasionally the appropriate repair might be quite simple to perform but the analysis needs someone with extensive expertise


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