Easy Steps To Help Maintain Your Pool Sand Filter

Pool Filters are the most significant piece of pool equipment which you have. Sand Filter Makes, like Hayward, urge you alter the sand every 3 to 5 years. When filters experience significant bather loads and have a great number of leaves and debris in the pool, then you certainly should expect to shift the sand in your filter a lot earlier than that. Follow these 5 Simple Steps to be able to get the most life from your electric pool motors, sand filter and have crystal clear pool water.

  1. Screen_Shot_2016-04-26_at_6.18.57_PM__44827.1461709524.350.350Check to be sure you’ve got the right quantity of sand in your filter. You can find a variety of brands and sized Sand filters out there now.
  1. Pool filter produces indicates which you replace the sand in your pool filter every 3 to 5 years. This actually depends upon bather load and the number of debris around your pool. When your filter pressure isn’t where it usually is then there could be an issue with your filter or the sand media must be altered.
  1. Use a Filter Treatment twice annually. When you first open your pool use the filter treatment to help loosen particles and debris. and correct before you close down your pool for winter months. You’ll find a variety of sand filter cleansers out there now, I ‘ll touch on this particular issue in another post.
  1. Sunblock is extremely unpleasant on pool equipment and so are dogs. I understand you love your dog but keep them out of the pool. Their fur gets past the pump basket and into the filter, causing your filter to not be as efficient as it should thereby causing more stress in your pool pump motor.
  1. Keep pool region trimmed back so that leaves sticks and straw tend not to always blow into the pool. If you’ve got landscaping inside the pool fence make an effort to keep it cut back as best you’re able to. Not letting lots of debris to fall into your pool will actually help you receive the most from the sand filter.

Using these 5 Simple steps, you are going to draw out the life of your pool filter and then prolong the life of your pool motor saving you money, time and frustration. Possessing a pool is assumed to be fun with your relatives and buddies. When your gear isn’t functioning right your retreat in your back yard may become more of a hassle and take the enjoyment from owning a pool. Every thing mechanical in your house should be assessed on to be sure it’s in the appropriate working order. Your pool gear isn’t a exception. By following these steps you will end up sure your pool filter is in proper working order and that the pool will run all summer, not give you any problem. The complete notion is Fun in Sunlight!


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